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Weekly Roundup 007 – TCC Capital

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Weekly Roundup

Saturday 11th March - Friday 17th March


Weekly Roundup

Saturday 11th March – Friday 17th March

Over 400% potential profit seems to be becoming a regular occurrence with the TCC Capital crypto trades, with this week achieving a total of +414.37%. Of the 31 crypto trades, 24 were wins, meaning a win rate of 77.42%.

On the forex side, we saw another good week overall with +53% profit available from bot signals alone, which assisted yet another The Hub member with the passing of their Phase 1 funded challenge.

As mentioned previously, the data for both the crypto and forex trades above have been made available for viewing in The Hub Lite.

Moreover, the week was clad with high impact news, especially the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank at the start of the week, however our members were in good hands via the updates in the ‘Macro-chat’ section in The Hub.

Our trade recaps and weekly breakdowns are now also available to view for free on our YouTube channel: @tcccapital

The above leaves us heading into the coming with on a high note and with some exciting news to look forward to…

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