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Weekly Roundup 006 – TCC Capital

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Weekly Roundup

Saturday 4th March - Friday 10th March


Weekly Roundup

Saturday 4th March – Friday 10th March

What seemed to start off as a very quiet week ended with, quite literally, unbelievable results.

As you can see from the below data, our crypto bot trade signals achieved a total potential profit of +463.61%, much of which our members were able to capitalise on.

Yes… you read that right… +463.61%. Whilst this may seem hard to believe, our strategy data has been made available for viewing in The Hub Lite in case there are any doubters.

Moreover, many of the large crypto plays were called beforehand via the analysis in our previous weekly breakdown and trade recaps in the ‘BTC/ETH’ & ‘ALTS’ sections in our ‘Crypto Extras’ channel in The Hub. Weekly breakdowns are posted each week in our FREE The Hub Lite discord.

Additionally, we saw another set of excellent results on the forex side, with a win rate of 90% and total potential profit of +63.20%, some of which assisted one Hub member in passing phase 1 of his funded challenge in 1 day. Similarly, another member made +13% profit in their first week of being funded.

There is no doubt the community is thriving at the moment and it is amazing to see the amount of progress being made by all.

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