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Weekly Roundup 003 – TCC Capital

TCC Capital

Weekly Roundup

Saturday 11th February - Friday 17th February


On Friday, after many months of testing, we were pleased to announce full integration of the TCC Capital signal bot into The Hub. This will allow The Hub members instant access to ALL trade signals produced by the bot and will operate 7 days a week, across all trading sessions, to allow our variety of members to capitalise on as and when they please.

On a separate note, after what was a slow January, we hosted an incredible array of crypto and forex trades throughout the week (the results of which can be seen below). Following full integration of the bot, there is no doubt that there is many more weeks like this to come.

TCC Capital

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Unlike almost every other platform out there, not only are we FCA regulated digital asset managers, but we understand how and why retail traders fail. This is the purpose behind TCC Capital, to separate us from those who are simply selling dreams.