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Weekly Roundup 002 – TCC Capital

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Weekly Roundup

Monday 6th February - Friday 10th February


As you can see from the below strategy data, this week started off quietly, with 72.7% of all trades appearing from Wednesday – Friday. Moreover, this week saw the implementation of manual forex and crypto signals – a new signal section, aside from the bot signal section, in which the TCC Capital admin team can share potential trades for all members in The Hub to capitalise on.

With regards to weekly strategy data, our forex trades achieved a 62.50% win rate and total potential profit of 21.32% which has assisted Hub member’s funded challenges, with many one step closer to becoming profitable traders.

As well as this, our crypto trades achieved a 66.66% win rate and total potential profit of 3.01%.

January and the beginning of February have seemed relatively quiet, nevertheless as traders we must trust the data that we have and must not let these quieter periods deviate us away from our trading plans. Hopefully the rest of February brings us some more movement in the market. In saying this, one particular benefit of The Hub being a multi-asset platform, is that when the forex market may be quiet, the crypto market may be the opposite and vice versa.

Onto the next.

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