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Weekly Roundup

Monday 30th January - Friday 3rd February


Usually, a week filled with high impact news brings a certain degree of uncertainty regarding price action, however, this did not prevent The Hub from having yet another successful week.

On the forex side, we achieved a 100% win rate and a total potential profit of +38.09%. This could have been further increased by an AUD/USD and an NZD/USD trade, which were signalled to our members, however were cancelled as the trades deviated from our trading plans prior to entry. A large proportion of the +38.09% profit was a EUR/USD trade. This was a manual signal posted by the TCC Capital admin and, spurred on by the high impact ECB interest rate decision, reached +31.26% by market close on Friday 3rd February.

Moreover, our analysis of results over the last 8 weeks has revealed that at a take profit level of 3R, the TCC Capital strategy has achieved a total of +96% profit, averaging +12% per week. To put this into context, +12% on a $100,000 funded account equates to $12,000 (using 1% risk per trade).

Similarly, our semi-automated crypto signals have hit the ground running, achieving a 100% win rate and a total potential profit of +40.25%.

The above results speak volumes about how effective this simple strategy, backed by data, can be.

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