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Learn our proven trading strategy

One strategy

Whether you are an experienced trader, or a beginner looking for a simple overview of how the markets move, our in-house strategy has been created to help you become a consistently profitable trader.

Stay Mechanical

Many traders often change their approach, to a detrimental effect. We use a consistently mechanical approach with each trade that we enter.

All Markets

The TCC trading strategy is not only limited to the Forex market. We also use the same approach when day-trading the crypto market.


The connections made within a trading community are priceless. Having someone in the same mindset and with the same goals as you, right by your side, can pay huge dividends.


TCC Captial is an international community, with members trading 24/7 from all across the world.


It doesn’t matter what the size of your account is, we work with the same trading and risk approach to each trade.

How it Works

Here is a step by step guide on getting your trading journey started today.


Join The Hub - Everything in one place within our community Discord.


Learn - Go through all the course content, this is designed to teach you everything from scratch, so there is no need to have any prior experience.


Refine - Once you have a clear understanding of the strategy and how to implement it, we will work alongside you to refine what system suits you best.


Take a funded account challenge! - When you pass this, you will be given external capital to trade, with the majority of the profits made going straight into your bank account! This is the first step into becoming a financially free full-time trader.


The Hub


per month


The Hub is very helpful, giving retail an understanding as to how trading works. I have no faults from them, if you’re looking to understand how the markets work then give them a shout.

Hub Member

I've been in the "retail" trading space for 7 years now, and this is the approach with the best combo of simplicity and great results, as the hard data shows. Whilst the community is small it also means it is quite active and everyone's inputs are fully used to take advantage of the markets.

Hub Member

Hands down the best investment I've made, both in terms of trading and personal growth. A great community to be a part of with so much content and value inside, could not recommend enough.

Hub Member

The Hub is the perfect platform for anyone looking to get into trading, or somebody already in the field looking to develop their skills. The TCC Capital team are great, and very helpful.

Hub Member

The TCC Capital team take time in their approach to the charts and their members - this is reflected in the success of both. The strategy is logical, methodical and easy to implement.

Hub Member

TCC Capital is the perfect place for both new and advanced traders. Their strategy is simple, logical and easy to follow. It's hands down the best trading community around. I can't recommend enough.

Hub Member

Frequently asked questions

What are the most commonly asked questions from members?

How much money do I need for a trading account?

This is unquestionably the biggest change in the market since we started our trading journeys. With the introduction of funded accounts, you have the opportunity to trade other people’s capital, meaning there is minimal risk and cost for you.

Does The Hub include access to the Bot signals?

The Bot signals are currently included for no extra charge within The Hub, this includes both FX and Crypto.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, you will not be billed from the following month (or whenever the next payment is due) once you have elected to cancel.

What else is included in The Hub?

We have additional sections that include macroeconomic outlooks, longer-term crypto outlooks, NFTs (SOL & ETH) as well as additional sections for personal development and daily wins.

Do you have apps for iPhone & Android?

You can access Discord at any time via a mobile device. However, we always encourage members to undertake all analysis via a desktop.

What support can I expect?

We are available around the clock with members of the team always willing to help answer any questions you may have. If you would like a more structured, personalised programme, this is also something that we can accommodate.

I have no prior trading knowledge, is this too advanced for me?

No! Everything within The Hub has been designed to aid anyone and everyone as if they were starting from scratch. There is also a separate section within The Hub solely for beginner questions and chart mark-ups.

TCC Capital

The future of trading is with us

Unlike almost every other platform out there, not only are we FCA regulated digital asset managers, but we understand how and why retail traders fail. This is the purpose behind TCC Capital, to separate us from those who are simply selling dreams.